Abby Marie

Tattoo Artist


Abby’s quiet but daunting humor is a force to be reckoned with. Beginning her
apprenticeship in August of 2022 under the masterful wisdom of Jason Evans, she has earned her spot at Neon Dragon as the barista turned tattoo artist that never outgrew her emo phase. Combining her love for all things nature with her infatuation with the macabre, Abby brings a dark, pointillism style to the realm of tattoo art. When not at the studio, Abby is either found wondering the woods looking for remains of woodland critters or snuggled up watching horror movies with her two cats and boyfriend, who everyone likes more than her…Duncan Rules!
To book an appointment with Abby, stop by the studio for an in-person consultation
Monday-Friday until 5pm to discuss your ideas with her!
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